5 Bacon Jam Recipes That Make Everything More Delicious



Bacon jam is a surefire way to enhance everything from cheese and crackers to your favorite cheeseburger. These bacon jam recipes are full of bold, meaty flavor—you’ll come back to them time and time again.

Tomato and Bacon Jam

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“This was given to my mom by her best friend who is a southern girl at heart. It is a sweet and savory flavor that you never forget. Try it with a grilled cheese or on scrambled eggs…you can put it on anything.” —3RDTIMESACHARM

Chef John’s Bacon Jam

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“This bacon jam takes some time to make with expert-level stirring, but it’s a small price when considering the final results.” —Chef John

Bacon Jam

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“This recipe can be used for spooning on Granny’s old-fashion biscuits, or put a dollop on fluffy scrambled eggs. On a toasted slice of a crusty bread or good crackers it would be divine.” —Cheryl Bricks

Cherry Bacon Jam with Thyme and Cloves

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“Chopped cooked bacon is mixed with sauteed onions, cherry preserves and seasonings for this delicious condiment.” —Smithfield

Grilled Bacon Pizza

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“This grilled bacon pizza is loaded with layers of flavor and double the bacon. Get ready, this may just become your favorite!” —TheDailyGourmet

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