Blue Bell Just Released Its Most Decadent Ice Cream Flavor Yet

It’s inspired by an iconic St. Louis favorite.

<p>Blue Bell Ice Cream</p>
It’s a bad time to be lactose intolerant (like me), but it’s a good time to be an ice cream fan. Between Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen Dazs, the freezer aisle is overflowing with new and exciting releases from some of our favorite ice cream brands. And this week, to kick off spring and celebrate its expansion into a new market, Blue Bell is joining in on the fun with a new flavor that may just be its most decadent—and delicious—one yet.

Blue Bell Introduces New Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream

Meet me in St. Louis (spoon in hand), because the latest Blue Bell flavor is inspired by the “Gateway to the West” and its perhaps most iconic dish: gooey butter cake. With a name like that, what could be bad?

For the uninitiated, gooey butter cake has a rich, buttery crumb base and an ooey-gooey cream cheese layer baked right in. If you’re to believe the legend, the recipe was created by accident in the 1930s when a St. Louis-based baker messed up the proportions in one of his cakes, but sold the extra-buttery results anyway. It was an instant success. The cake has been a staple on Missourians’ tables ever since.

Blue Bell is celebrating its expansion into St. Louis and surrounding areas for the first time by launching a new flavor inspired by the regional dessert. Blue Bell’s Gooey Butter ice cream features a cake batter ice cream base with a luscious cream cheese swirl and gooey butter cake pieces, to boot. The flavor will be available in both pint and half-gallon sizes, and will be arriving on St. Louis shelves alongside the brand’s other famed flavors like Cookie Two-Step and Pecan Pralines ’n Cream this week.

Any Southerner worth their salt will tell you that Texas-born Blue Bell ice cream is some of the best on the market, and this new flavor is a can’t-miss. Lucky for us, Gooey Butter Cake will be available wherever Blue Bell ice cream is sold (and psst—you can find out if that’s somewhere near you over on Blue Bell’s website). So far that includes 23 states, but fingers crossed this expansion means more is on the way soon!

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