Beauty YouTuber Jessica Pettway, 36, Dies of Cervical Cancer After Misdiagnosis

<p>Jessica Pettway/Instagram</p> Jessica Pettway

Jessica Pettway, a beauty influencer with over 16 million views on YouTube, has died. She was 36.

Her death comes nearly nine months after she revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in a candid Instagram post. Her sister Reyni announced the news on Instagram Friday, perE! Online.

“It’s my birthday today, and the only thing I could ever wish for is for God to bring you back on this earth. I lost my beautiful big sister 2 days ago, and my heart has never felt pain like this,” wrote Reyni underneath a photo of the two of them, according to the outlet.

<p>Jessica Pettway/Instagram</p> Jessica Pettway shares selfie on Instagram

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The outlet reported that Reyni remembered her sister as “amazing, strong, confident” and someone “with so much wisdom, prayed for me, and helped me become a better mother.”

Pettway joined YouTube in November 2013, posting nearly 450 videos and accumulating over 225,000 subscribers.

While going public with her diagnosis in July 2023, Pettway revealed that she had initially been misdiagnosed with fibroids, described as “common growths of the uterus,” per the Mayo Clinic.

“I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I don’t even know where to begin, but I want to share why I’ve been gone for so long, in hopes that at least one person is encouraged by my story,” wrote Pettaway.

The content creator recalled her symptoms first starting after experiencing “intense vaginal bleeding” in June 2022.

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I took these photos a few days ago, and it’s currently my favorite photo of myself. It brings me so much joy to see how far I’ve come, because a few months ago I received devastating news. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I don’t even know where to begin, but I want to share why I’ve been gone for so long, in hopes that at least one person is encouraged by my story. So here it goes…

Last June, I was having intense vaginal bleeding. And when I say intense, I mean I was literally bleeding out. I called around and asked other women if they experienced this before and majority of them said they have. I thought, well maybe this is a “normal” thing that women go through. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, weakness and just not feeling like myself. But again, I accepted this as a “normal” symptom that most women go through.

Well, on July 1st 2022 at 4am, my husband found me in the bathroom unresponsive and not breathing. I had literally passed away. He called on Jesus to bring me back and I came back. I was rushed to the hospital, where they told me that the extreme blood loss was due to “fibroids.” My Gyno made it seem like it was so normal and common. I didn’t think much of it, however I was passing clots the size of a placenta, which was really alarming. They kept me overnight and released me the next day. Fast forward to July 22nd, I was hospitalized again for the same thing. Again, the medical professionals treated it like it was not that alarming since it was just a “fibroid.”

The bleeding eventually stopped, but was replaced with labor like pains. My life became so limited. On December 31st 2022, the bleeding came back. And it would not stop. I was hospitalized again January 7th and was there for a week. I was told I could not get surgery to remove this “fibroid” due to my lack of blood supply. My hemoglobin level was at a 4. I had to receive 10 blood transfusions during my hospital stay. They recommended I do a biopsy.

Pettway was given the same diagnosis through her hospitalizations between July 2022 and January 2023 until visiting an oncologist in February 2023.

“On Feb. 8th, 2023, he performed an outpatient biopsy on me. When I woke up from the anesthesia, he casually said, ‘Yep you have stage 3 cervical cancer.’ It turns out, it was not a fibroid, but cancer. I was misdiagnosed all this time,” wrote Pettway.

“I remember hearing that and immediately saying to myself, ‘I refuse to make an agreement with that diagnosis.’ And so I didn’t. Being told I have cancer didn’t devastate me. It was the reaction of those close to me,” she continued.

The social media personality was a mom to 10-year-old Kailee and 3-year-old Zoi Lee, with her husband of 12 years, per Essence

<p>Jessica Pettway/Instagram</p> Jessica Pettway shares photo with her loved ones on Instagram

Pettway described the feeling of watching her loved ones witness her medical journey in an Instagram post that August.

“Anytime you’re dealing with an illness, it not only affects you, but it also changes the lives of those closest to you. This year rocked our world. From the countless hospital stays. To the financial strain. We been through it all! The girls are too young to understand, yet they noticed the changes,” wrote Pettway.

She expressed that watching her husband break down “was rough” but that they “made a commitment that we would get through this together.”

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“We moved forward and did our best not to allow current circumstances to overtake us. It was definitely not easy, but we made it this far,” added Pettway.

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