I Tried a Simple Switch for Store-Bought Cinnamon Rolls, and I May Never Follow the Canister Directions Again

<p>Robin Shreeves</p>

At Allrecipes, we love taking store-bought foods and finding easy tricks to improve them. Want to make a frozen pizza crust taste less like cardboard? Need to rehydrate a loaf of crusty bread that’s gone stale? Want someone to think your store-bought mashed potatoes are homemade? We’ve got you covered.

Canned cinnamon rolls are one of those ready-to-bake items that could use a little help. The canister of raw dough is great to have on hand for a last-minute breakfast or treat. Despite their convenience and ability to make the kitchen smell amazing, sometimes the rolls end up with burned bottoms and raw centers. I have sliced off my fair share of cinnamon roll bottoms before serving them.

How to Bake Cinnamon Rolls in the Slow Cooker

I recently tested a simple trick I saw online using Trader Joe’s jumbo canned cinnamon rolls to see if it improved the outcome. Rather than baking them in the oven, I baked them in a parchment-lined slow cooker.

I lined my oval slow cooker with parchment paper and placed five unbaked jumbo cinnamon rolls on the paper. They fit tightly in the bottom of my oval slow cooker. I put a clean kitchen towel under the lid to catch steam and keep the rolls from getting soggy.

<p>Robin Shreeves</p>

After an hour, the rolls were cooked through, soft, and fluffy, and the bottoms were not burnt. With the provided icing, they were the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made from a can. Sure, they took four times as long as it would have if I’d baked them in the oven, but with a bit of pre-planning, I’m convinced this is the way to go.


Recipe Tip

Try adding some heavy cream to the slow cooker before putting in the unbaked rolls—it’s supposed to make the rolls even fluffier.


This method offers endless possibilities. Now that I know the slow cooker keeps the bottoms from burning, I’d like to try making canned biscuits in the slow cooker the next time I make chicken pot pie filling to smother them with. However you choose to try this method in your own kitchen, I’m confident it will become one you reference often.

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