Doc Pao Bellosillo: A Blessing and a Perfect Partner

In a world that underwent profound transformations during the pandemic, one remarkable individual emerged as a beacon of goodness, embodying qualities that make him an ideal partner and a true blessing to those around him. Dr. Paolo Bellosillo, known affectionately as Doc Pao, not only possesses exceptional looks but also dedicates his life to doing good and making a positive impact on the community. His story mirrors that of a captivating Kdrama hero, evoking feelings of admiration and appreciation. Read on to know more…


Jakarta, Indonesia Day 1: Flying there, Where to Stay and Road to D-Day!

You already know how big of a BTS army I am, so getting to experience their Yet To Come concert in Busan (even if we’re team labas) in October of last year was a dream come true. After that, we didn’t expect another concert/tour soon (after their group hiatus announcement) but then my love Suga surprised us all with a solo tour! He’s my ultimate bias so I was really desperate to watch. We already know ticketing would be HELL (more so since he chose smaller venues) so I prayed so hard hoping I’d be able to get a ticket. So thankful for my roomie and ka Sugababe Ruthie who fought during the Jakarta ticket selling! Oh, the relief & joy I felt when I found out she was able to secure tickets. Huhu. Ana was also able to buy from a friend of a friend. So with that out of the way, next thing we did was plan our trip and book flights and accommodations! Read on to know more…



Create Beauty With Pride: Celebrating Individuality and Expression with SM Beauty!

The month of June brings all sorts of celebrations—from massive Pride Marches to highlighting meaningful and empowering stories of expression and individuality. SM Beauty, the country’s leading beauty retailer, understands that Pride is colorful and unique to every person, and is shining a light on the importance of support, love, and equality.

On June 10, 2023, SM Beauty launched its “Create Beauty With Pride” campaign at the SM Mega Fashion Hall, giving guests and attendees a special opportunity to celebrate their individuality coz after all, beauty is for ALL! 🙂 SM Beauty chooses to celebrate diversity in beauty and with its extensive range of cosmetics and hair products, the retailer is ready to cater to diverse needs and preferences, whether exploring or established. Read on to know more…


Stars Dazzle at Official “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” Press Conference

The stars shone bright at the recent Tindahan ni Aling Puring Sari-sari Store Negosyo Convention, Puregold’s annual celebration of small business owners across the country. Among the many exciting events lined up for participants, one notable highlight was the official press conference for “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile,” which took place on the first day. Read on to know more…


After Making Waves Across Asia, OATSIDE Is Finally In The Philippines!

OATSIDE, the plant-based & sustainable oat milk brand that has swept across Asia since early 2022, is finally here in the Philippines and is now available in both its Barista Blend and Chocolate variants! Their official launch was held in Papakape, Fort Santiago, Intramuros Manila on May 9, 2023, in a true Filipino Fiesta style hosted by Sam YG and Erwan Heussaff in Philippine’s first-ever milk-tasting experience. Read on to know more…

Hi Ava, Ana and Kuya Jeman!

#GCashStories: Meet Ate Alma, A Modern Day Story of Hope, Progress And Community

Technology has become an integral part of people’s lives, affecting the way we work, communicate, learn, entertain ourselves, and access information. By design, technology makes life easier. It minimizes the lines we stand in, gets things delivered to our doorsteps, and transports us from one place to another with a few taps on our smartphones. But amidst every new and more efficient fix, technology also continues to strengthen connections and foster relationships.

More than just a Finance Super App, GCash has features that have allowed parents, friends, relatives, and even acquaintances with a simple and efficient way to transfer money, making it easier to provide support and financial assistance whenever needed.

GCash has been instrumental in promoting community and camaraderie in the Philippines, by providing a platform for people to support each other, give back to their communities,and promote financial literacy and inclusion. Read on to know more…

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