LYS Beauty

Is the first Black-owned clean color cosmetics brand to launch at Sephora. Conceptualized by Tisha Thompson, LYS Beauty promises to diversify the clean beauty industry.

Offering a range of skin loving color cosmetics from primers to brushes LYS Beauty also focuses on affordable price points for their products starting at $12 and ranging to $22 at launch.

All products are cruelty free, vegan, and formulated with uber clean ingredients.

LYS Beauty Review Serein Wu

LYS Beauty Review

I was excited to learn about this new brand founded by Tisha, who I’ve known for years in the beauty industry. The biggest selling points right off the bat were the ingredients used in each product.

Each product is thoughtfully formulated to perform as a color cosmetic, but to care for your skin and protect with skin benefiting ingredients like niacinamide.

The best part is the range of shades offered at launch. You are sure to find a foundation that will match your skin tone.

All products are under $30 which proves the brands mission to diversify clean beauty. Oftentimes clean beauty comes off as elitist with the higher price points. With limited shade ranges, clean beauty often excludes many people from being able to find the correct match as well.

I love what LYS Beauty is doing and how they have not only included a large range of shades right from launch, but also the inclusive pricing.

LYS Beauty Review Serein Wu

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LYS Beauty Review Serein Wu

Updated Review

After wearing and testing out LYS Beauty for a full 10 days, here are my must haves from the brand. At time of posting many of the items are sold out at, but you can also shop through LYS Beauty directly.

Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil $12 (shop here) – this lip oil is hydrating without the gunk. Not sticky at all with a high shine. Wear it on it’s own for healthy juicy lips or over lip liner or lip color for a glossy finish.

High Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush $16 (shop here) – The most beautiful cream blushes that go on like butter and last all day. Unlike many cream blushes that feel slippery or tacky, the satin matte finish goes on smooth with a skin finish. The price is amazing too for the product.

Triple Fix Translucent Setting Powder $18 (shop here) – Powders are so hard to find, especially good pressed powders. LYS Beauty offers four forgiving shades to ensure a true translucent finish. Not too powdery, but does a wonderful job at taking down a bit of shine and setting your complexion products.

LYS Beauty Review Serein Wu

Everything Else

There wasn’t a product from the brand that I did not like, but I did find myself not as excited about using it daily and here’s why.

Triple Fix Serum Foundation $22 (shop here) – This foundation did exactly as it describes. Buildable medium to full coverage, long-wearing foundation with a large range of shades to choose from.

For me the foundation was just too much coverage for everyday. I can see myself wearing it for filming or events, but it’s not my favorite for my current everyday life.


Secure Skin Gripping Primer $20 (shop here) – I’m not a big primer user and didn’t find a huge difference when using the primer. That being said I do like the ingredients they included like Niacinamide and AHA’s (make sure to wear an SPF 30 or higher for this reason!). I also like that the primer absorbs well into the skin.


No Limits Matte Bronzer $18 (shop here) – While I enjoy the bronzer, there wasn’t anything spectacular about it. The bronzer blends well, is pigmented, and wears all day, but there are plenty of bronzers on the market similar to this one.

Nothing bad about it and if you buy it I think you’ll enjoy it, but I recommend trying some of the hero products from LYS Beauty first.

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