With the weather heating up and Aussies flocking to beaches and parks to enjoy the outdoors, all eyes will be on what we’ll be wearing once summer arrives.

Cancer Council’s first Indigenous sun protection collection, the ‘Journey of Hope’ in collaboration with Indigenous artist, Riki Salam aims to spark important conversations around cancer and how this serious disease impacts Indigenous communities.

The exclusive designs are inspired by the ‘Journey of Hope’ artwork, created by Indigenous artist Riki Salam, using as dots and symbols to convey a meaningful message about Indigenous communities on their ‘Journey of Hope’ and cancer journey.

The ‘Journey of Hope’ collection features 15 beautifully designed swimwear pieces, including a range of rashies and paddle suits for Aussies of all ages, with a UPF50+ rating to protect skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

As well as raising awareness, sales will help fund Cancer Council’s prevention and support programs for Indigenous Australians.

For more information or to explore the whole exclusive Journey of Hope collection, please visit: