Compelling Reasons Why You Should Own A Trench Coat

A trench coat is not only one of the most fashionable attires ever invented, but also the most practical of all World War I Era clothing.
It was designed to be worn by the Allied forces posted in the trenches to keep warm and bear the constant whips of the elements. It served as a military uniform back in the day and in present times; it serves as a fashionable reminder of the days gone by.

Back in the day, the trench coat was made using gabardine but in the modern era, the most preferred materials for top brands like Maje and the likes associated with the manufacturing and sales of trench coats are polyester, cotton, cashmere and wool.

The material might have changed over the years but the style, design, comfort and practicality remains the same for this gem of an attire! If this was not convincing enough for you, it is time to dive deeper into the topic.

Let us explore a few compelling reasons why you should own a trench coat in the following sections now, shall we!?

It has everything that makes it a fashionable choice

It can be worn by both men and women. It comes with a belt, a double-breasted layout and is equipped with storm flaps that can act as extended protection for your face in case the temperature drops or the weather becomes nasty. The best part, a trench coat is a light in weight thus making it fun to wear attire!

It is ideal for both temperate as well as cold climate conditions

It is a great choice if you want to look fashionable minus the sweating. If you are heading out on a temperate day, put on your favourite trench coat and you are sure to turn some heads!

Furthermore, if the temperature is dropping, you can put on your trench coat along with a scarf thus making it an ideal and well-insulated way to stay warm especially when you don’t want to put on a heavy winter coat.

It is preferred by those who want to leave their mark!

Are you someone with a fashion-forward mentality? Do you look at yourself and see a fashionista who just can’t help but follow fashion trends? Do you love being the centre of attention at parties? Do you want to grab the spotlight wherever you go? If the answer to all of the above questions was a big and loud yes then you should definitely own a trench coat!

Be sure that you are sticking to the classic trench coat that has the age-old cutting style. Furthermore, opt for the classic beige colour since it will never go out of style!

A few words of advice that would appeal to the fashionista in you – it is clear that the humble trench coat is a marvellous choice if you want to update your wardrobe. But bear this in mind you would also need to invest in proper trousers, shirts, footwear and accessories to match with the style of a trench coat. Experimenting with the old-school design is a strict no-no. So, tread carefully to stay away from fashion disasters!