Luxury Dresses by Omar Mansoor, Cocorose London, Princess Prosecco & Hotel Chocolat

Omar Mansoor Navy Laced Dress, Princess Prosecco & Cocorose Silver Ballerinas
Black Label Organic Premium Prosecco by Princess Prosecco wearing Omar Mansoor
Paddington – Chrome by Cocorose London

A Midnight Walk in Omar Mansoor’s Luxury Dresses, Cocorose Shoes & Princess Prosecco!

Navy Luxury Dresses are ideal to wear during Spring or Summer combined with luxury ballerina shoes by Cocorose London whilst sipping on a glass of Princess Prosecco. London Fashion Week International Designer Omar Mansoor mixes vintage with modern textiles for ultimate sophistication.

Omar Mansoor Royae Shahdokht collection & Cocorose London-Barnes Grey Snakeprint Ballet Pumps
Omar Mansoor Royae Shahdokht Chocker Lace & Crepe Dress & Cocorose London Ballet Pumps
Omar Mansoor Chocker Lace & Crepe Dress

Midnight Lace & Crepe Dress

Royal Blue is an elegant shade, adorning this beautiful princess gown gazing at the midnight stars was truly spectacular. The touches of Spring florals created a beautiful warming backdrop.

The pattern was created while keeping femininity as concept, a dress that can be dressed up and down as per requirement. Created for a silhouette who can carry a peek-a-boo look in an elegant manner -Omar Mansoor

When accessorising an elegant Navy gown opt for a monochromatic or metallic ballerinas for ultimate comfort and sophistication.

In the images above are The Barnes Grey Snakeprint Ballerinas by Cocorose London basing their brand on ‘Modern Luxury’ combining luxury design, comfort and function.

Omar Mansoor Luxury Navy Gown, Paddington by Cocorose London & Princess Prosecco
Princess Prosecco Premium Organic Black Label
Paddington Chrome Ballerina Shoe by Cocorose London

For a twist on print showcased are a pair of silver Metallic shoes by Cocorose London called the Paddington Chrome Ballerina. Adding a metallic sparkle to a Royal Blue Dress adds a sophisticated sparkle to your overall look.

Photographed is the smooth organic Black Label Prosecco by Princess Prosecco, a smooth Italian wine from the province of Treviso with a bouquet of Apple, Pear and Citrus Fruit. A delicious & classy fine wine which reminds you of Italy when you sip and savour.

Omar Mansoor’s Little Black Tunic Dress & Cocorose Harrow Grey Snakesprint Ballerinas
Omar Mansoor’s LBD, Cocorose Harrow Grey Snakesprint Ballerinas & Princess Prosecco

Little Black Tunic Dress

Showcased above is sophisticated tunic dress with a glistening neck design complimenting the Harrow Grey Snakeprint Ballerinas nicely. To add vibrancy I opted for a bright red jacket from Star by Julian Macdonald for a red on black look.

During an SheHearts publication interview with The vuelio Blog Awards I discussed Omar Mansoor amongst other industry topics.

It’s a dress made with classic cut and timelessness as an idea.
It can be accessorised with bright clutch and heels with a mild addition of silver jewellery.

An LBD is a wardrobe essential as it’s multifunctional and staple for a fashionista lifestyle
-Omar Mansoor

A LBD teamed with monochromatic designer shoes and vivid red jacket creates a striking statement.

Cocorose London Hotel Chocolat & Princess Prosecco

Barnes – Grey Snakeprint by Cocorose London
Barnes – Grey Snakeprint by Cocorose London -SheHearts
Barnes – Grey Snakeprint by Cocorose London -SheHearts
Paddington Chrome Ballerinas by Cocorose London -SheHearts
Hotel Chocolat & Princess Prosecco Gift Set
Hotel Chocolat Luxury Chocolates
Princess Prosecco Duo
Cocorose London Harrow Ballerina & Hotel Chocolat The Patisserie Sleekster
Princess Prosecco Black Premium & Hotel Chocolat – The Exuberantly Fruity Chocolate Sleekster
Hotel Chocolat The Patisserie Sleekster

These delicious treats showcased above include two gorgeous boxes of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat known for creating scrumptious and treats which are beautifully presented. Showcased above are chocolates from The Patisserie Sleekster & The Exuberantly Fruity Chocolate Sleekster.

Omar Mansoor Navy Gown, Princess Prosecco and Cocorose London

Cocorose London’s ballerina shoes added sparkly sophistication to the look.

Photographed with the shoes above are luxurious treats by Hotel Chocolat from their Easter range which are currently on sale! Their beautiful chocolates always impress, such a moorish range, especially a fan of their Champagne Truffles.

Princess Prosecco’s bubbly created a sparkling statement to the look. The brand also offers unique gift sets also 🙂

Omar Mansoor Navy Gown, Princess Prosecco and Cocorose London SheHearts
Omar Mansoor Navy Gown, Princess Prosecco and Cocorose London #SheHearts
Omar Mansoor LBD & Princess Prosecco
Omar Mansoor Navy Gown, Princess Prosecco and Cocorose London #SheHearts

Omar Mansoor impresses with his classy designs, his beautiful Navy Gown teamed with luxury accessories creates a classy statement. The LBD with embellished neckline has a modern & unique appeal.

Teamed with designer shoes by Cocorose London and Princess Prosecco these looks are ideal for stepping into luxury for SS19 with sparkling elegance.

Omar Mansoor Navy Gown, Princess Prosecco and Cocorose London #SheHearts

What do you think of the Omar Mansoor designs shoes by Cocorose London? What do you think of the look of the Princess Prosecco & Hotel Chocolat treats?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts

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