Best collection of embroidery handbags for a chic look

Handbags are one of the basic accessories for women.   This season’s embroidery handbags are very fashionable.  However,  I’m  sharing   here is a collections of best embroidery handbags, choose your favorite.

Best collection of embroidery handbags

1. Satin Jewel Bags

An elongated bag made of satin fabric with small stones in the front could be a good choice for daywear.

2. Bags with rhinestones

These  are  stunning   embroidery handbags with small inlaid stones are ideal for people who like to use bags that complement all outfits.

3. Long Bags with studs

The studs are very fashionable, but you can do a variation with this jewel studded bags a long way and mostly these bags are available in a combination of silver and gold jewelry.

4. Geometric print Bags

This geometric print bags with vintage style, gold and silver combination, an excellent option for those who do not usually wear outfits with prints; sure this bag will steal everyone’s attention.

5. Snake print bags

The animal print patterns are very fashionable and the Viper is no exception, can use in these sensational bags in golden color that will make you look spectacular.

6. Satin Bags with stuff (brooches, jewels, sequins)



These embroidery handbags have a curve and possess differently shaped small brooches, jewels, encrusted sequins and these can also be used in gold, black or silver, according to what’s combining with your daily outfits.

7. Chaquira Bags

Besides sequins and gems these bags are made with small beads, which give the bags a twist, these are comfortable bags you can use for your nights out.

8. Bags with pearls

These embroidery handbags are made of beads, making it elegant, feminine and perfect to combine with either all day or night.

9. Stones Jewelry Bags

These bags or clutches with crystals are the most elegant and eye-catching, perfect for an evening out, peacock shaped with many stones that give the chic and feminine touch.

10. Boho Bags

The Boho Bags are the leading bags and most casual you could use, ideal for work or a meal and even for shopping. These are available in multiple colors like silver, gold, white, black, yellow etc.

11. Leopard Print Bags

The leopard  prints are  available  with  some  jewels or brooches on bags, you can find it in many ways, these are more fashionable bags and go with everything for the day or night.

12. Sequin Bags

These are fashion bags most demanded by all ladies,   however you must have in your  closet too.   Gold is the perfect choice to match any pattern of day or night.

13. Bags with rings

These are the mostly used gemstone bags , have small holes for easy grabbing that seem like rings, comes in black, red and silver and what look striking in them are inlaid studs or small skulls. These are very casual bags.

14. Heart shaped Bags

These are fashionable bags with heart shape, ideal for those who like to carry a few things in bags, can be used day or night and come in red, black, gold, silver, pink and animal print colors.

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