How to Choose and Wear the Best Designer Cardigan

If you are looking for something casual yet catchy to wear while chilling indoors or attending an outdoor event, then you should consider going for a designer cardigan.

These can be worn by people of all ages and for various occasions as opposed to the common misconception that they can only be worn in cold weather and by the elderly. The secret lies in the design and how you wear it. Here are a few things to consider while choosing. See this link for more information

Your Taste and Style

It goes without saying that you should pick something that you like and will feel great while wearing it. This is determined by your taste in clothing and is influenced by factors such as color, fabric, and design. If you love black, go for black.

If you are not sure about your style, then you can easily find out by checking the clothes in your wardrobe. Your favorite clothes in the closet portray your style. When shopping for a specific occasion then it is also important to take the theme into account.

If you are planning to attend an overnight outdoor event, then a slightly heavy one will be perfect as it will keep you warm. For a casual day at school or a stroll in the park then you can opt for the cardigan shirt. It is light and comfortable.

Size of the Cardigan

They come in all sizes to cater for various body shapes and sizes. Large-sized ones are comfier than tight fits.

They also look cuter on tall, slender bodies than on thick bodies as they add onto the visible body size. A common mistake made by many people is wearing an outfit that covers almost all of your upper body.

Cardigans are more appealing when parts such as the neck and collar bones are left uncovered. For a more stylish look, go for a tight fit at the hands or a short-sleeved one.

Type of Fabric

The type of material used will affect attributes such as texture, quality, and design. Thick wool is soft and heavy thus is comfy and provides great warmth. This makes it suitable for cold weather such as during winter.

Poly-blends allow for the manufacture of lighter garments that allow cool breeze in hence is perfect for warm weather. Some materials are tougher than others which makes the garments more durable.

The durability is also dependent on the knitting process during which various patterns and textures can be created. Also, make sure that it is original to avoid the color fading off on the first wash. All these determine the quality of the cardigan. Click here to see more about fabrics used to make cardigans.

Other Clothing

This is very important as it will determine the overall image. It is not enough to just buy the best one, how you wear it matters a lot too. Loosely fitting ones are best worn with body-fitting clothes that bring out the shape.

You can also wear them with belts and jeans. On the other hand, tight fits look much better when tucked in and worn with mini-skirts.

A belt can also be included. Shirts can be worn with light inner clothing or on their own. The same goes for large ones that reach just above the knee.


While it is not a must that your dressing complies with the latest fashion, it is preferable to ensure it does especially when attending glamorous public events.

In this age of information, finding out the latest trends is just a click away. Online sites and social media platforms are filled with fashion trends.

Again, this depends on your preferences as a person. Whether you decide to rock a classy old vintage or a modern times outfit, it is allowable as long as it looks good on you.


Designer cardigans of high-quality in terms of fabric and design tend to be pricey. It is recommended that you purchase what falls within your budget range. Make sure it is durable and worth the price.


Picking the right outfit to wear for a particular occasion can be tricky at times. To make the job easier it is important that you buy clothes that best match your style. Choosing the right one not only makes you look good but also boosts your confidence when wearing it. The tips outlined above should help you make a well-informed choice.